Michael Throgmorton

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Mike Throgmorton received his undergraduate degree from Whitworth College in 2005. After working in the insurance industry,he attendedlaw school at Gonzaga Universityandobtainedhis law degree with honors in 2011. During law school, Mike worked for the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Washington. In his finalsemester, Mike returned to Olympia where he workedfor Chief Justice Barbara Madsen at the Washington Supreme Court before joining the Attorney General’s Office in 2012.

From 2012-2015, Mike worked in the Labor & Industries Division of the Attorney General’s Office, where he defended industrial insurance appeals before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals as well as the superior and appellate courts. In November 2015, Mike joined the Torts Division, where he practiced general tort defense on behalf of dozens of state agencies in mattersranging from slip-and-falls to air crash fatalities. He has successfully litigated at every level of the court system and has a great deal of experience in both the state and federal courts.

In 2020, Mike joined this firm, where he brings a wealth knowledge to matters involving insurancedefense, civil rights, law enforcement, supervision and release, wrongful death, licensing, catastrophic injury, and negligence.An Olympia native, Mike is a father of four boys and a member of both the Thurston County Bar Association and the Washington Defense Trial Lawyers’ Association.